lundi 8 novembre 2010

Second step: Search of Vessel

Welcome to those visiting the blog for the first time. For a good understanding of the project, please first read the previous articles in footnotes or archives.

We have approach the second phase of our project: the search of the ship. We've sent requests for information to rent a vessel to six Christian companies include:

  1. Marine Reach Ministries UK
  2. Christian Boater Association
  3. Mercy Ship/Africa Mercy, Texas, USA
  4. YWAM Destination Paradise
  5. CVJM-Traumschiff & Jesus Boat
  6. Hand in Hand Tours

Two of them have responded with plenty of encouragement: YWAN and Mercy Ship. Thanks for their encouragements and advices, but their ships are not available for several reason. We also have two positive responses from Marine Reach Ministries UK and Hand in Hand Tours, to be confirmed. Both seem to fit the needs of this project. Thank you to pray that the Lord direct us towards what He has planned for this operation. If you know of any others that might interest us for this project, please let us know. Maybe you will encounter in the days, weeks and months ahead of Christian businessmen, ship owners please tell them about this project and put them in touch with us whenever necessary through our e-mail address:


An account is already open to the Banque Populaire d'Alsace BPALS SCHILTIGHEIM (00036), to receive donations that will help us achieve the next step and the final project; here are the details:


17607 00001 70193593271

IBAN FR76 1760 7000 0170 1935 9327 159

The next step is to contact churches in ports cities that the ship will visit, and get up an organising commitee who will receive the ship and prepare for the big gathering for prayer of repentance and foregiveness that will be, and possibly a crusade that precedes or succeeds it according to sensitvities. Remember the ports that the ship is expected to:

Liverpool (UK)
Amsterdan (Holland)
Nantes (France)
Bordeaux (France)
Dakar (Goree) (Senegal)
Freetown (Sierra Leone)
Monrovia (Liberia)
Accra (Ghana)
Douala (Cameroon)
Luanda (Angola)
Sao Luis and two other slave ports in Brazil. We expect suggestions
Cayenne (French Guyana)
For Caribbean port step of great importance to this project, we are still waiting for suggestions MANI Coordinator
for the Caribbean.
New Orleans, New York and Boston (USA)

We submit topics of prayer to you, our blog readers and others to whom you may communicate this vision

- We need to pray to find a suitable ship according to God's will for this project
- For this purpose we must also pray about the size of the team that will travel as this would greatly affect the size of the ship and costs
- For the communication of that vision to the maximum of Christians especially in countries affected by this boat, so that the organising committees already begin to take place
- For finances: awaiting to put an on-line donation system, those who wish may make transfers to the account given above. We need to raise funds to begin the next steps. We anticipate a lot of movement and actions of multiple communication power to achieve those goals
- We are still seeking a name for this project, perhaps a biblical name or a reference that can realistically illustrate the project. Any suggestion will be welcome.

You can contact us by e-mail ( or by sending hereunder a comment to this message.

May the Lord God and and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you abundantly, may He be gracious to us.

vendredi 16 juillet 2010

First step: a team of prayer to prepare the project

This is about the vision we have received, through which the Lord wanted us to rent a vessel for the prayer of repentance and forgiveness to break the curse due to the triangular trade (slave trade between Europe, Africa and the New World).

The ship will depart from Liverpool to the European ports of Amsterdam in Holland then to Nantes and Bordeaux in France. She will then navigate to the West African ports where she docks in Senegal where the first day of prayer on African soil is planned with a visit to Goree. The African ports currently affected by this operation are: Free Town in Sierra Leone, Monrovia, Liberia, and Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire, Accra Ghana, Douala Cameroon and Luanda in Angola. This list is not definitive. If African historians want us to make reasoned suggestions on African countries where the ship should dock, we are open to any proposal. A ceremony of repentance and forgiveness will be organized in each country visited and local churches will be asked to organize a large gathering of prayer.

We'll then head for South America where we will make three Brazilian ports, including a little known and yet had a major slave trade: Sao Luis. We still hesitate on the other two. Your advice will be welcome, given that we want to avoid large cities where the organization of such an event will not be obvious and will be "lost in the masses."

We will then continue with French Guiana before sailing to the Caribbean where we will organize events throughout the islands, wherever it is needed and we will be there as long as necessary as it is an essential part of this project . We expect the suggestions MANI Coordinator for the Caribbean We conclude with the United States with the ports of New Orleans, New York and Boston. Then the boat will return to Liverpool where he's gone.

The ship will include Christians from all backgrounds, affected by this issue, including West Indians, Americans, Africans and Europeans who have at heart repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation between the peoples affected by this scourge.

We have two prayer requests that we want to submit:

- We need to form a prayer team that will bring this project to the throne of grace during the two years of preparation (it is the minimum it takes to meet all the protagonists in all the countries concerned, to establish an organizing committees and recruit the prayer team in the ship, that will be missionary and will have to find support during their mission) and for the duration of the project that could take three to six months. That is why I give you this information to solicit your participation in the team of intercession. If you feel called to support this work you can contact us by email ( or by sending a comment to this message. So we will keep you informed of steps and send you as regularly as possible the subjects of prayer.

- We are seeking a name for this project, perhaps a biblical name or a reference that can realistically illustrate the project. Any suggestions would be welcome.

May God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, may He be gracious to us. May the Lord God and father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you abundantly.