jeudi 1 mai 2014


Open air evangelism in the Makèpè Round About

Part three

Evangelism in Duala: second step
After our trip in North Cameroon, we arrived in Duala in the South on Christmas Eve for a last program schedule for December 25th to 28th: three nights of evangelization on the theme of the family “God heals and restore families,” and the last evening closing with a concert of “JOBS” a Christian band.

The program of this stage had a different purpose from those made previously: the restoration of families. The sequence was identical to the one of the action in the North. We had set a podium outdoors at the “Makepe Roundabout” and large projection panel. The evening meetings were introduced by the praise led by the worship team of Pastor KOUM’s Israel Makepe Baptist Church d he Christian Band “JOBS”. Then a movie was shown in the theme of that night’s meditation and a speaker brought a message shortly before the end of the projection and launched the appeal. After the evangelizing team had taken care of those who approached, the technicians sent the end of the projection and people were invited to come back next day. Pastor KOUM spoke first evening, Daniel Mpondo spoke the second evening and Dominique Dick spoke the third.

Many people gave their lives to the Lord; others came to receive restoration in relation to their families, reconciliation commitments were made. Testimonies comforted us, like that of a young man with a motorbike who was passing by and seeing the crowd stopped to see what it was about. He eventually decided to stay until the end of the movie. He was so upset that when the preacher launched the call he came forward to give his life to Christ. He then committed to do his best for the reconciliation in his family. He told us that throughout the film, he saw the story of his family and when the preacher gave the message; it was like if it was all about him. He was convinced that the speaker was speaking to him and Jesus was asking him to surrender and let himself be restored.

We celebrated a wedding on Saturday 28th. In Africa events such as weddings and funerals are special opportunities for evangelization. It is Pastor Dick who spoke during the wedding service On Sunday 28th Rev. Daniel Mpondo gave the message to Israel Makepe Church on the theme “the place of a man in the family according to God” when Dominique Dick was expected at the Francophone Community Shalom.

We came to conclusion in the late afternoon at the “Makepe Roundabout” were the “JOBS” band led us to the presence of the Lord with a wonderful concert of praise. Pastor Emmanuel Koum throughout the concert encouraged the attendance with the word of God and at the end many lives came again to the Lord. What a grace! Thank you Lord for giving us to experience such moments being mere labourers into your harvest!

Glory and praise to the One who was, who is and who’s coming!