jeudi 14 juillet 2011

The Project goes on

Many among you wonder why this long silence. Some were concerned about whether I had given up. I thank them for their support and encouragement.

I confess I was discouraged, given the fighting that followed these actions. Noting that the people over whom I leaned had abandoned me in this project, I questioned, wondering if it really was God's will. I realized how could God give such a project to someone like me? Unknown in the religious world, even insignificant in this country, in this city, without any scale (far from it...). I have experimented many oppositions, both among some of our white brothers who felt they had nothing to do with this trade and its consequences, so there was no repentance in this area required; as well as among some of our black brothers, mostly from Africa, who believed that Africans were more victims of this trade and they have nothing to do with this kind of actions. So I began to seek the face of the Lord by fasting and prayer, for doubt began to torment me. I did not understand how this vision could come from God and meet as many oppositions each time an action is undertaken for the start. Then I received this response: Habakuk 2 v3! From that I got it clear from the Lord that He had given rise to other movements that are in the same direction and are to eventually merge together. I got that this stage will be the last, as a conclusion of all others. I then had a conviction that I had to join the other movements that act in the same direction, and then the doors will eventually open.

So I thought it was time to join first the "life Line Expedition" movement. Again I think it's a door that the Lord is about to open, because it is precisely Jacques Vigouroux who participated to the various steps of the reconciliation march "Yokes and Chains" of this movement, encouraged me a lot when the vacuum was around me and despair gradually came over me. I recall the contact with Jacques is due to David Potter who connected us together. We had planned to get to the march scheduled in Jamaica early in October 2011 but now postponed to 2012 and will coincide with the celebration of the jubilee, 50 years of independence of this country.

In the mean time we intend to get to Nantes for the inauguration of the memorial dedicated to slavery. It was scheduled first for September and then October but none of these dates suited us because not only of the MANI Continental Consultation expected in Abuja Nigeria in September, but also because of the "Yokes and Chains" march which was scheduled for October in Jamaica, besides I had to continue with the Congres of the Evangelicals in the Caribbean, CONECAR scheduled in October 17th to 20th in Georgetown Guyana. This program did not allow us to prepare or even to take part in the inauguration of the Memorial of Nantes. It is a relief for us and we see here the hand of our beloved Lord. We hope to mobilize the churches in the region and encourage them to take an active part in this event.

Prayer Request for this time:

- May the Lord renew our strength, our beliefs and His vision in us.
- May the Lord lead us away from any spirit of discouragement or distraction for us to be focused on His vision and do not let ourselves be distracted by ideas, thoughts or directions that do not come from Him.
- May He give us the revelation of those and other movements with which we are called to work on this project.