mardi 11 octobre 2011

Prayer Request for October

I'm traveling to the Caribbean from October 12. to 24., 2011. I had to pas through Jamaica, but as with the Life Line Expedition that did not work. I personally believe that it was not the Lord's will. But everything was set up for a mission in Martinique where I will be hosted by the Evangelical Baptist Church during the two weekends of this period. Meanwhile I'll go to Georgetown in Guyana to take part from October 17. to 20. in the Congress of Evangelicals in the Caribbean (CONECAR 2011). I pray that the Lord inspires me in how to communicate the vision of the reconciliation boat.

Thank you to pray for:

- Pastor Paul MOULIN who is hosting me during my stay in Martinique, that he is blessed, him and his family. May the LOrd bless His Church in Martinique.

- That the contacts at the CONECAR with Church leaders, associations and evangelical movements in the Caribbean are drivent by the Holy Spirit and lead to combined actions for the Ministry and for the organisation of the future expediton.

- That the Lord opens doors that lead us to do His will at all time, and closes those that are intended to divert us.

- His protection thoughout the trip in the Caribbean. Pray that He preserves us from all evil and that His will be done!