jeudi 31 mars 2016


The vision of the Octopus from the East

In light of the events we have experienced in France these days, let me proclaim to the risk of “swimming against the tide” that I AM NOT CHARLIE! I AM JEWISH, I AM A COP, I AM… and if I do not agree with terrorism and deplores the barbarity of Islamists and their inhumanity, I do not endorse the editorial deeply atheist and antireligious of this anticlerical newspaper for which blasphemy is the favourite material. Nevertheless I would like to share with you the vision of the Octopus I had during a mission in Côte d’Ivoire some years ago. I cannot explain its exact meaning yet, but I can’t stop thinking about it since the Islamist barbarism:

Something strange happened to me early in the morning in October 29, 2006, two days after I arrived Abidjan in the Cote d’Ivoire, while I was still lodged in the CEFCA premises. (CEFCA is the Evangelical Training centre for Communication in Africa)

I was lifted up above the earth and I saw on a land partially bordered by water, an octopus with a square head which was enthroned in the east of the land. From there it sought to dominate the world. The word “holy” (or holiness) was always in its mouth, but actually it is the exact opposite. The world is taken in by it, all except for a small tribe, a small shoot from the East which has its roots firmly fixed on the Eternal Rock. And history will repeat itself because it will be a pebble from this small shoot, like the one David used when confronted by Goliath, which will smash the square head of the Octopus of evil intend and will reduce it to nothing.

This octopus had seven tentacles:

*     The first is called “Gentleness and Sleep”. It seeks to please everyone and does so quite well, especially in the lands of Europe where it infiltrates with ease. It makes people believe in the gentleness of the Octopus. It lulls people.

*     The second is “Sharpness”. It suckers are blades of steel, they take the life of those who are asleep including its own sons; it does not differentiate. It has no heart, no soul.

*       The third is “Politics and Chameleon”. It does not care about politics but plays cleverly with it. It’s never on the same wavelength as others, but it has knowledge. Capable of manipulation, it knows the thoughts of others, it pretends to go along with them and prepare the way for “Gentleness and Sleep”, whose powerful ally it is, before Sharpness cuts in. It can be everywhere, it knows how to be all things to all men. It is capable of taking on any appearance in order to send people to sleep and dominates. It is dangerous!

*    The fourth is “Philistine”. It’s a huge arm with its roots right in the heart of the Octopus, a black stony heart. It takes a strong hold and asserts itself. It takes a grip and sucks out. It wants to make thing disappear, that’s its aim. Politics and Sharpness are its certain allies.

*    The fifth is “Leech”. It’s terrible and cunning. It clings on, attaches itself, sucks out and drains. Then it injects some of itself to fill the void it has made. So life continues, but actually it’s no longer there. It’s not the same, it’s a sham.

*     The sixth is “Mammon”. According to the word it is powerful. Where gentleness, Politics and Sharpness have not succeeded, it dominates. It buys everything and want everything to be sold. It possesses. It knows how to assert itself even if it does not always succeed.

*      The seventh is “Perverse”. It hides in order to take by surprise. It infiltrates everywhere with incredible speed, without making a sound or causing a breeze. That’s why no-one notices it. It is dangerous and always strikes where you least expect it. It cares nothing for life.

 The Octopus will continue its evil for a while yet. But the shoot from the East will rise up and strike it. Holiness will be of the essence. Some nations who have fallen victim to Gentleness and Sleep will rise up against this daring shoot! And those who do this will be destroyed along with the Octopus, scattered to the four winds. But there will be a remnant from among the nations, the elected of the New Jerusalem, who will not have been seduced by the sirens Gentleness and Sleep, they are the ones who will remain faithful for all time.