vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Prayer Requests for Summer 2012

Reconciliation calls for repentance and forgiveness. Now, the word repentance is a word increasingly banned from modern language. For the over two years and nearly three, we have received the vision of a vessel of prayer and repentance for the reconciliation of peoples related to trade in black slaves. This is not an easy task! We met and still meet much opposition in this area. But we are assured that what God says, He does! We also know that He sent this message to many servants from North to South, and from East to West and one day they will join together to fulfil the will of God because the Lord wants to bless these people. Let us be instruments in His hands for this blessing!

So it is with joy that I will relay in this message, information that concerns the journey in Jamaica. In the message entitled “The Project goes on” published on this blog in July 2011, exactly a year ago, I did express my conviction that I had to join other movements which act in the same direction, and that then the doors would open. So I thought it was time to join first of all the “Life Line Expedition” movement. Again a door was open with my connection to Jacques Vigouroux, who had already participated in the various reconciliation walks with “Yokes and Chains” of this movement. This connection was made thanks to Brother David Pott, the initiator of the movement. This collaboration will be realized this year with the trip to Jamaica where Jacques and I are travelling from July 24 to August 9, 2012. I will join Jacques at Mâcon on 23rd, and then we will fly together from Lyon the following day very early in the morning to join the team in Montego Bay. We need your prayers.

Reconciliation of the people involved in the trafficking of slaves is not an easy task. Experience shows that this is a hard fight and a long haul fight. All those involved must know that this is so and they need a special spiritual strength to persevere. The expedition in Jamaica is unique in that it coincides with the celebration of Emancipation Day and the jubilee (50th anniversary) of the independence of the Country. It is a grace for us to be there at that time!

Prayer requests for June July and August
Our prayer requests for this month and the coming month will therefore concern our mission with Life Line Expedition to
Thank you to pray:
1 – That all whom God has chosen for this mission will be able to get to Jamaica.

2 - That the Lord makes us a team well balanced that represents the issues we are dealing with.

3 – For the Body of Christ in
Jamaica to be united as one man and to have one voice in this jubilee season, to move in humility and grace in this critical season.

4 - For the protection of each team member, their families and all that belongs to them.

5 - That we will have Jamaicans on the team with us for the whole time, that the church will give us “a hand of association” during our mission there.

6 – That a Spanish person will be able to come as
Jamaica was Spanish until 1655.

7 - For white Americans to join the team since American slave ships were the most common after British ones and for white females in team.

8 – Especially for some Africans like Dayo and Antoine who hope to come. This is a particular challenge as their flight costs are very high. Finances are a big challenge for many on the team

9 – For provision and that each member of the team will be well supported in both prayer and funding.

10 – For good personal preparation in the coming days. Our mission is sensitive, controversial, and spiritually tough and we do not want to deal lightly with this issue.

11 – For healing for Clarrie Mendy (recovering from an operation) and Brenda Smilie.

12 – Some have reservations about our actions. There is probably also some fear and suspicions too.

13 – That the pres release going out this week will be well received and will generate new an appropriate level of interest and some new contacts.

14 – For the right solutions for local transportation for the team

15 That we will find the right people to receive and respond to our public apologies in particular places.

16 – A letter has gone out from us to the Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller who has said she would welcome an apology for slavery from
Britain. If we are meant to express our apology before her, pray that God will open her heart to that.

- That the Lord opens doors, especially for this mission, that lead us to do His will at all times and closes those intended to divert us

God bless you abundantly