jeudi 21 mai 2015


The Consultation venue

The Malta Blue Med Consultation

The Malta Consultation was to examine the situation of evangelization in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and to share our experiences in this field. So we met for a week at Dolmen hotel were we exchanged, shared, listened and fraternized.

The days started every morning with a prayer meeting dedicated to a specific country before finding ourselves in the great amphitheatre where we had a meditation time preceded by a moment of worship and praise which sometimes was executed in the various languages spoken in the Mediterranean.

After that, we followed presentations by speakers from diverse backgrounds. Thus, during that week, we were listening to the ministries based in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya etc. Given the delicacy of the matter, I will not extend further on the meeting.

But we realized the difficulties that our brothers faced in the exercise of their ministries in the field. We give thanks to God because if foreign ministries are difficultly penetrating these countries, indigenous ministries rise more and do a considerable job. But most often they lack resources both financial and human. There is a great need for discipleship and also leadership.

Contrary to what we thought, the governments of these countries are not often those that prevent or prohibit missionary work. These are local people who often make it difficult and sometimes force their governments to take measures to prevent public order. The openings are increasingly and paradoxically, with the rise of radical Islamism, people are turning more and more towards Christianity which led their representatives to say that “90% of Muslims know Jesus and believe that He is the answer, but they are not ready to pay the price.”

Apostle Paul's shipwreck location
We also reviewed the work done by the members and ministries of the diaspora in Europe and the potential offered by sub-Saharan Africa to mobilize for evangelization in North Africa.

Apostle Paul's shipwreck location

Apostle Paul's shipwreck location