dimanche 12 février 2012

Prayer Request for January and February 2012

When you receive a prophecy, a vision or a word, you want it to come true right away, very quickly and there appears the risk of forcing things and the desire to do his own will and not God’s. This is the school that I’m drawn today and the word of God in Habakkuk 2:3 makes sense in my mind. Added to that the negative reactions I face both by our African brothers and European, sometimes insults, dropping and release from some Christians, discouragement is often at the door.

But on the other hand, we are encouraged by the word of God. Indeed, from reading the Word we find that the prophet has often brought the prophecy in his flesh: to one it is asked to take to wife a prostitute, which was an abomination for a man of God, and he does it (Hosea 1:2). To another it is asked to make a cake and bake it with human excrements (Ezekiel 4:12), yet another to buy a beautiful belt of fine linen and go to hide it, days of walking, to the Euphrates in the cleft of a rock and then return after several days search its remains that were good for nothing (Jeremiah 13:1-11)… In addition, many people have received prophecies and visions they have not seen the realization. This leads us to be humble and content ourselves to simply and humbly do what God asks us to do.

What is encouraging is that the more we advance in this vision, the more the Lord shows us that we are not alone and I’m convinced that when He wills, many converge for the realization of His plan. I was very encouraged by the letter I received a few days ago from Brother J.R. Spencer whom I met in Georgetown Guyana. Here is an excerpt from his letter: “A couple of weeks before the meeting I for the first time felt free to share the part of the vision with a brother from South Africa and to my surprise I found he and a select few had portions of the same vision in their minds and hearts. On the way to one of the meetings I sat next to a woman on the bus. She was from Jamaica and worked with one of the Bishops… and behold before I said a word she told me of portions of the vision the Bishop and she had been given. Then at the meeting you shared the vision the Lord gave you and others and it completed all the vision the Lord had shared with me. All this concerning all that I pondering on for a number of years all was affirmed in two weeks by disparate people from differing locations.” It is instructive: I received this letter at a time when I was still facing adversity on this project. Thank you Lord!

Thank you to pray for:

- The contacts made with different movements, brothers and sisters in Christ who have received this vision here and there, and for the coordination of these movements in accordance with the will of the Lord.

- That the discouragement that constantly strikes at the door finds no hold on us and that our zeal for the Lord as part of this project is constantly renewed.

- For the invitation we received to participate, from 15 to 22 May 2012, in Martinique in the national days of memories of human trafficking, slavery and their abolition, with a delegation from Lifeline Expedition. This will give us an opportunity to share more widely the vision.

- That the Lord opens doors that lead us to do His will at any time and for any occasion and closes those that are intended to divert us.

- That He prevents us from any precipitation and gives us the patience to await the fulfilment of this vision that works towards an end and that will certainly take place according to Habakkuk 2:3. That HIS WILL BE DONE!

God bless you abundantly.