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The leaders of the ECOC Churches

The Pastorals of E.C.O.C.

The president of the Maeva Sev was twice invited to speak at the Pastoral of E.C.O.C. (read “a co say”). The first meeting was held in Strasbourg in the premises of the Evangelical Reformed Church led by Pastor Joejo DADZIE, in June 11, 2016 and the second in the Evangelical Assembly Glorious Christ, led by the Rev. Mado MBUYIL BESOLO in Le Mesnil Le Roi, in the Paris region in September 24, 2016.

The “Entente et Coordination des Oeuvres Chretiennes” ECOC (the Union and Coordination of Christian Works) is a French federation of churches of immigrant, notably African, reflecting the evangelical diversity in France and Europe. It holds an annuel general meeting and is currently chaired by Rev. J.S. Sampera of Strasbourg. But it organizes a quarterly pastoral hosted each time by a different church. It is to this quarterly pastoral meeting that the Presiient of Maeva Sev was invited.

The Pastoral meeting generaly proceeds in two steps: first, after making contact over a snack, we have a spiritual moment in the morning with a time of praise and prayer followed by an exhortation given by a speaker specially invited for this purpose. And then, in the afternoon, after a meal together, two or three gests were asked to work on a particular subject. Then followed some sharing by a few pastors who asked to speak, and the day ended with  a meeting under the office of the ECOC about upcoming program, communication on the functioning of this “religious family”, that is to say the Union and so on.


Pastor and Evangelist Daniel MPONDO, President of the Maeva Sev and MANI Coordinator for the African Diaspora, was honoured to be invited to these meetings twice.

The first time, after having briefly presented the activities of the Evangelistic Mission, Maeva Sev, he presented a Power Point support of the MANI (Movement for African National Initiatives), movement of which he is the Coordinator for the African Diaspora. Then he urged the churches of African expression to engage in the mission here in France, in Europe and in the world, and to also contribute to evangelization in Africa, to complete the task in this continent.

The second time consisted mainly to encourage these churches to join association hands in all areas and work together. Alone we can do great things, but many we can do greater things. He urged them to be missionaries there where the Lord has placed them, that should be their main concern without expecting none other than The One who missiones them, both in terms of training and of the provisions, because the one who God sends He gives him His Spirit without measure (Jon 3:34), He equip him and gives him provisions for all his needs. Daniel Mpondo encouraged them then to make theirs, two evens that have are rooted in African soil. The first was born there over fifteen years: the Global Day Of Prayer (GDOP) born of the vision of Southafrican business man, Graham Power, who received a vision to rent a rugby stadium and invite there Christians of all denominatons to dedicate a day of prayer and repentance on Pentecost Sunday. The second began three years ago, the Gobal Outreach Day (G.O.D.). This takes place on the last Saturday of May. Christians are invited to devote this day to personal evangelism. On Sunday the churches could devote their worship to the mission.

The E.C.O.C is a Union of Churches from African immigration that should be known among the Churches of African Expression so many in France and Europe. It could allow them to know each other and be able to work together, to collaborate for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. It is one of the founding members of CNEF, the Nationaal Council of Evangelicals in France.

Be blessed!

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