jeudi 8 mars 2018


Commemorating the death of the King of Thailand

Mission to Chiang Mai 2017

From 10 to 20 October, a Global Consultationthe Mission to Muslims was held in Chian Mai, Thailand.

This subject has a very sensitive character that does not allow us to dwel on it. Thi is also the reason why this communication will not be illustrated by pictures of our work sessions as usual.

This Consultation was unique in that it brought together the most comprehensive gathering of church-planting practitioners and agency leaders serving innthe Muslim world.

Every morning and afternoon, we listened and abided to Jesus through His Word, in personal refletion, in small groups or collectively in plenary sessions. Our work and reflections were mainely built around the following four questions:

·         What is God saying to us?
·         What is the Muslim world saying to us?
·         What are we saying to one another?
·         What is God telling us to do?

These were intense moments of reflection, of sharing experiences. Let us hope that the resolutions we have taken together will not end in reports to be archived and forgotten, but that they will take shape in joint ations towards the Muslim world.

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