dimanche 9 mars 2014


The Garoua Protestant Council of Churches' Evangelism Campaign

Part two: Mision to North

Step One: Garoua

For this program the Evangelist Singer Armando GOMES of Bulles in France, bravely joined us despites the fears of his family. He had been a valuable support that enabled us to intervene alternatively in neighbourhood that we had invested. His presence in the team was very much appreciated and we hope to partner with him in other projects. Pastor Dominique Dick of Guadeloupe who had problems with his connecting flights joined us latter, strengthening the teamwork that way.

The campaign was organised under the control of the Council of the Protestant Churches of Garoua. We enjoyed a well thought out preparation of the field by the evangelistic team led by Pastor Emmanuel KOUM that came from Douala, and a group of pastors of Evangelical Churches of Garoua under the leadership of Pastor Robert BELLO.

The actions took place in two rounds: after a short exhortation in the morning in the premises of the Lutheran Evangelical Church, the evangelism teams were divided in areas were they did door to door in the side of the town were the public meetings had to take place in the evening, announcing Jesus and distributing leaflets and treaties.

We received a welcome that we did not expect in a heavily Muslim region. Many souls came to Christ and miracles have been experienced in families were some stories are harrowing. One example is of this mother whose son had been gone for years and she had no news. She challenged the team to pray for him to come back and if he comes the whole family was to give their lives to Jesus. Then the team prayed and les than half an hour later he showed himself back home! He said he had come back to collect his things in order to definitely disappear from the life of his family because he was going to join a Secret Society to engage in magic, which he showed the invitation to Pastor Maurice who was leading the team. He right away received the Word of God and gave his life to Jesus. Thanking the team, he told them that is it really God who had sent them for his life for he had just experience a turning point he did not expect; he had been rescued in-extremis! His mother was happy and glorified God, it was the feast in that family that was so grateful to God for having allowed the people to knock at their door that day. Victory to our GOD!

We lived many other adventures as exciting with the Lord, but for me, the greatest miracle was when the appeal was launched after the movie followed by a sermon and we saw hundred of souls advance to give their lives to Jesus-Christ. What a grace and privilege of being an instrument in the hands of the Lord for His work!

But also a hint of sadness when we learned before we left for Ngaoundere some quarters demanded us to also organise public meetings and we could not. In fact we invested for two evenings a target area in which evangelism team were sent in the morning to proclaim the Good News and invite the people to join the evening meeting.Then after two days we went to another neighbourhood.

Our adventure ended there with our brother Armando GOMES we left in Garoua were he still had a program with the young people of the churches who participated to the campaign and another program with the local Christian Radio. He had to travel the following day to Douala were he was also expected by the Francophone Community Shalom for another program that we have had very positive feedback: the “Shalom Community has been blessed by his passage.

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