mercredi 19 mars 2014


North Cameroon (continued)

Second step: evangelism in Ngaoundere

After a bit chaotic and gruelling journey, through a full of potholes and dusty tracks roads, we finally arrived in Ngaoundere more than five hours after our departure from Garoua.

The program of this stage had a different purpose than the one before. It concerned the planting of an evangelical Church in a suburb of Ngaoundere Town. Four evening meetings were planned. But after three nights we had to agree that it was not necessary to continue, given that it was already crowded to one pastor who did not yet have a team that could take care of all the souls won to the Lord. Therefore, our brother pastor KOUM had to take the decision to stop everything and take a day earlier the road back to Duala where we were expected for another program.

In Ngaoundere the course of evening program was similar to what we did in Garoua: after a time of praise and worship, the projection of the movie was launched and before it ends a preacher gave a message after which a call to repentance was launched. It was only after the work of counsellors that the remaining part of the movie was resumed. At each call many people came to give their lives to Christ.

Again we had extraordinary testimonies of conversion: the second night, a counsellor brought a young man who wanted me to pray for him and his friend. Actually that young man came the day before and gave his life to Jesus because he was moved by the message that spoke exactly of his life. So that same evening he went to seek for his friend to ask him to come and see to what Jesus can do to his life: he would forgive all his sins! His friend told him he had committed so many crimes and atrocities that nobody would forgive. The young man replied that they had grown up together, rose hell together, and there were no atrocities his friend had omitted that he, himself had not committed, and Jesus has forgiven him. He said he had been forgiven and received a new life, there was no reason that his friend misses this: it could happen tom too! Therefore his friend accepted to come with him to the even meeting and went through the same experience: he was convinced that the preacher was talking about his life and also decided to surrender his life to Jesus.

When I launched a call to repent that night, he was the first to come before. He received forgiveness and became a new creation in Jesus! We experienced many testimonies of this kind and I will never cease to say t the greatest miracle we encounter when preaching and evangelising is a soul saved!

May the Lord be glorify!

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