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The venue of the Summit


Held in Barcelona, Spain from May 11 to 14, 2015, the Synergy Summit brought together Ministries involved in Global Outreach. This encounter was precede on May 10 by an optional training day for those who wished, focused on fundamental frameworks and key skills for those new to mission network and on capacity building for experienced network leaders. His gathering was to encourage these Ministries to network for greater efficiency. Why did the organizers of this gathering find it necessary to emphasize networking?

First, observation was made that we live in a complex world full of confusion and disconcerting. More and more people are stuck by poverty, wars and political unrest push entire populations to migration. Thus millions of people are scattered all over the world. The means of communication simultaneously explode and millions of people are connected. Technologies evolve in a fast and adoption of new technologies as well.

Then in 1974 over 200 people from over 150 nations gathered in Lausanne. It was the first time they were asked to discuss issue of global evangelism. This has led to the multiplication of global movements of mission and the Lord blessed. Coordination and training are therefore needed. It was then urgent to put at the disposal of each other at the planetary level, skills and resources. For this, it was necessary to give the vision, persuade the stakeholders to join together, to focus collaboration and partnership, given that combined actions were better than working alone.

Several topics were discussed, including Unleashing Participation Trough Member Engagement, Unleashing Results through Specific Objectives etc. Many speakers shared their experiences in their specific fields and the opportunity was given to participants to get together in interest groups and partnerships were thus born. Many strategic issues were discussed in relation to what is happening in the world, including the Muslim world and the persecution of Christians.

The Christian world is moving. Missions, Movements and Christian Works increasingly realize the need to put aside doctrinal differences and work together in the current global context for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

The summit, whose main objective were:

1) To inspire, show examples of how God is at work across networks to advance the Gospel

2) To connect the networks and provide opportunities for shared learning and inter-network collaboration

3) To equip, offering new ideas and ressources to enhance the effectiveness of mission network,

Can be considered a complete success since most of these objectives were met in light of  the results obtained through contacts and appointments made by most of us for effective collaboration and partnership in future projects in the coming years. We are looking forward to next Synergy Summit 2017 for the evaluation of these collaborations and partnerships.

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